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Accessorize your Hi-Hog box stall with a new corner feeder, hay manger or blanket hanger

Horse Stall Corner feeder with Support Ring, Item 4040, 14 lbs

Horse stall corner feeder

Horse Stall Corner Feeder

The corner feeder is designed to be easily mounted in the corner of your horse stall. This feeder has a capacity of 21 quarts or 0.67 bushels. The feeder can be easily removed for cleaning. Some owners keep two feeders so that when they remove the one feeder for cleaning there is always a feeder in the ring (reducing the opportunity for your horse to get caught up in an empty support ring). The corner feeder and the support ring are also available separately:

  • Horse Stall Corner Feeder, Item #4041, 6 lbs
  • Support Ring For Corner Feeder, Item 4042, 8 lbs


Wall Mount Hay Rack, Hay Manger, Item 4030, 20 lbs

Hi-Hog wall mount hay manger

Wall Mount Hay Manger

Hi-Hog’s heavy duty wall mount hay rack makes an excellent stall accessory. Simply bolt to the stall wall at the desired height. The powder coated hay manger is 28″ wide x 28″ tall and has an opening at the top for inserting hay with a depth of 18″.


Blanker Hanger, Item 4329, 3 lbs

Hi-Hog Horse Stall Blanket Hanger

Horse Head Blanket Hanger

Designed for horse blankets, saddle pads.

  • Durable steel construction and powder coated hunter green
  • Easy installation
  • Lays flat against stall when not in use

The blanket bar has a length of 36”
The length to the outside of the ‘horse-head brackets' turned out is 43.6875”
The length to the outside of the ‘horse-head brackets' turned in is 37.75”

Stall Planning Guide

Alternate Terms
Horse blanket hanger, horse blanket bar, horse blanket rail, horse blanket rack