Equine & Livestock Equipment

Cattle Handling Equipment & Horse Stalls

For all your horse stabling and livestock equipment needs, from corrals and feeders to horse stalls, tie stalls and round pens to cattle chutes and bison chutes. But Hi-Hog offers even more outstanding products including wellhead fence, cattle guards, temporary fence and a complete line of livestock fencing products. You will also find an array of products for the park and rodeo markets such as bucking chutes, roping chutes, arenas, bleachers, picnic tables, portable fence and EcoRaster/EcoGrid.

Contact sales for pricing @ 1-800-661-7002

Upcoming Events

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  • Events on November 2, 2014

    Farmfair International Edmonton, Northland Park

    Starts: November 2, 2014

    Ends: November 10, 2014

    Location: Northland Park, Edmonton, Alberta

    Description: Come see Doug and check out our Equine and Livestock equipment for the fall.

  • Events on November 5, 2014

    Red Deer Agri-Trade

    Starts: November 5, 2014

    Ends: November 9, 2014

    Location: Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta

    Description: See our full line-up of Squeeze Chutes and chat with Myron, Brett and Lyle at this annual fall classic.

  • Events on November 24, 2014

    Canadian Western Agribition

    Starts: November 24, 2014

    Ends: November 29, 2014

    Location: Evraz Place, Regina, Saskatchewan

    Description: Full system set up and display, Gary, Doug, Myron and Wil, please join us.

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