Cattle guards, also known as cattle grids, stock grids, or Texas gates, are used to prevent livestock from walking through an opening in the pasture fence line.

Keeping your livestock secure requires a well-maintained fence line and control of all access points. 

Reasons for installing a cattle guard:

  • If you are concerned that your pasture gate may be left open
  • If you have livestock that like to open your pasture gates on their own
  • If you want the convenience of accessing your land without having to open a pasture gate

Hi-Hog's cattle guards are manufactured using only new, clean, tubing. The completed guards are then protected with a powder coat paint finish. 

Hi Hog Cattle Guards and Texas Gates

Cattle Guards

 Cattle Guard Components

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
3610n 10' wide Cattle Guard - no sills 1137
3614n 14' wide Cattle Guard - no sills 1550
3618n 18' wide Cattle Guard - no sills 1962
3810n 10' wide Cattle Guard - single sills 1450
3814n 14' wide Cattle Guard - single sills 1987
3818n 18' wide Cattle Guard - single sills 2525
3910n 10' wide Cattle Guard - double sills 1733
3914n 14' wide Cattle Guard - double sills 2383
3918n 18' wide Cattle Guard - double sills 3035
3525 End Post - Fits Hi-Hog 48" high gates 40
3526 End Post - Fits Hi-Hog 42" high handy gates 35
3529 Cattle Guard end Connector 5
3825 Set of Smooth Ride Bars 255

Hi-Hog's cattle guards are available in three widths; 10', 14' and 18'. If you require a wider cattle guard you can combine any of these three cattle guards to create the width you require. 

Load Capacity

Canadian Engineered Cattle Guards

  • 4 250 KG = 9,369. LBS
  • 17 000 KG = 37,478. LBS

Sills or no sills?

Cattle Guard Sill Options

Cattle Guard Sill Options

  • If you are placing your cattle guard on concrete (or other) sills you can order your cattle guard with no sills
  • If you are digging a trench and installing your cattle guard on stable ground (no concrete sills) you should order a cattle guard with single sills
  • If you are digging a trench and installing your cattle guard and the ground conditions are soft you should consider ordering your cattle guard with double sills


  1. Posts and pasture gates are optional. Please note that we offer two post styles. If you are planning to install Hi-Hog's 42" handy gates order post 3526. If you plan to install Hi-Hog's 48" corral or heavy-duty gate order end post 3525. 
  2. Smooth ride bars provide a flat driving surface for vehicle traffic. Each set of smooth ride bars provide two, 22" wide tracks mounted 48" apart. Each track is made from five pieces of 1/2" x 2" steel spaced 3" apart. When ordering your smooth ride bars please let us know how many sets of smooth ride bars you require, and where on the cattle guard you wish to have them installed.
  3. If you are combining cattle guards to create a wider cattle guard you will need a connector set at each cattle guard connection.

Hi-Hog cattle guard or texas gate 

In the drawings below we show single sill cattle guards with optional end posts, optional handy gates, and a single set of optional smooth ride bars. All of the combined cattle guards include cattle guard connectors at each connection. The combined cattle guards over 30' in length are shown with 2 sets of smooth ride bars.

Road Width Cattle Guard Combination
10' 3810n
14' 3814n
18' 3818n
20' 3810n + 3810n
24' 3810n + 3814n
28' 3814n + 3814n
30' 3810n + 3810n + 3810n
32' 3814n + 3818n
34' 3810n + 3814n + 3810
36' 3818n + 3818n

NOTE: Consider the size and location of your cattle guard carefully. If your cattle guard is close to the road, you may require a wider cattle guard to allow room for the turning radius of the longest vehicles that will need access to your property (don't forget emergency vehicles). The further away from the road your cattle guard is, the narrower your cattle guard can be. If your cattle guard includes a pasture gate, consider setting your cattle guard far enough from the road to allow vehicles room to safely pull off of the roadway before they have to stop to open the gate.