Like the U-Frame, the U-Spreader allows you to fix the width of an alley without using posts-in-the-ground or overhead spreaders. An excellent option for livestock corrals and rodeo facilities. Available in widths from 4’ to 14’. Only available in heights of 6’.

Item Description Weight (lbs.)
1741 4' long x 6' high U-Spreader 105
1742 6' long x 6' high U-Spreader 117
1743 8' long x 6' high U-Spreader 129
1744 10' long x 6' high U-Spreader 142
1745 12' long x 6' high U-Spreader 154
1746 14' long x 6' high U-Spreader 166

Durable Construction

The posts and ground rail are built with heavy 2 7/8” OD .217 wall tubing. For strength, the posts are saddle welded to the ground rail and reinforced with a 6” gusset.

All tubing has been capped; preventing water from entering the post, strengthening the tubing from collapse and providing a clean quality finish.


The U-Spreader has the same length as any of our traditional overhead alley spreaders.

Adaptable Connectors

Like the U-frame, the U-spreader’s connectors are set at Hi-Hog’s standard height for hook-up with any Hi-Hog panels.

NOTE: The U-spreader can be set directly on the ground (you do not need to bury the bottom horizontal rail as is suggested with the U-Frame).

Hi-Hog's U-Spreader for livestock corrals