Item Number: 1200

Hi-Hog’s roping chute, designed to handle both calves and steers, is manufactured using minimum 60,000 psi, high tensile steel tubing. This rugged chute is built to PRCA and CPRA specifications.

Rodeo Roping Chutes from Hi Hog

Timed Event Rodeo - Roping Chute

The spring-loaded release gate on Hi-Hog's roping chute can be quickly and easily tripped from:

  • the operator’s seat mounted on top of the roping chute
  • either side of the roping chute
  • horseback.

The release gate springs open and locks securely. This prevents the release gate from swinging back and adversely spooking your calf or steer.

The bottom half of the release gate is sheeted with hot roll to keep feet contained. The top half of the release gate comes with open horizontal rails to keep your stock focused and facing down the arena.

Similarly, the contoured hot roll sheeting used on the bottom 36″ of both sides of the roping chute keep your stock facing forward with their legs and feet safely within the chute.

Rodeo Roping Chutes dogging chutes

Contoured interior keeps calves and steers focused

This chute comes equipped with quick access barrier gates on both sides of the roping chute. These quick access gates provide excellent access for attaching neck ropes or horn wraps. The simple but solid gravity locks insure that you can work efficiently and still be confident that your animals are securely contained.

The chute also includes a side man-gate which allows quick access for a stock pusher.

Stock flow can be easily controlled with the lift-up tailgate. Like the release gate, the tailgate can also be operated from the operator’s seat mounted on top of the chute, from either side of the chute, or from horseback.

Hi Hog Rodeo Roping Chutes with lead alley

Roping Chute with 8' long lead-up alley

A simple lead-up alley can be attached by adding two 8′ long x 5′ high Corral Panels (item #760) or two 8’ long x 5’ high Heavy Duty Panels (item 820). A 24″ wide Alley Spreader with a Gate (item #3360) will hold the panels in position at the back of the roping box.


  • Outside width: 34"
  • Width to pin centers: 30”
  • Interior Width: 18"
  • Length: 96”
  • Outside Height with tailgate raised:87.5"
  • Outside Height to top of release handle: 72.5"
  • Interior clearance Height: 59.5"
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Item Number: 1200


Alternate Terms:
Roping Chute: Dogging Chute, team Roping