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Hi-Hog’s portable horse corral is the perfect answer for those looking for temporary penning for their pony, horse, or llama. If you’re roping, penning, racing, showing, guiding, training, or trail riding, these portable horse corrals will help ensure your equine partner is happy, comfortable and secure.

Hi-Hog Portable Horse Corrals

Portable horses corrals

You and your horse will appreciate the superior powder coated steel construction and simple thoughtful design. When you get to your destination you’ll also appreciate how quickly and easily you can set-up Hi-Hog’s freestanding horse corral. You won’t need any tools and there are no fiddly parts to worry about.

Your horse will be much happier in a portable pen then tied up to the trailer and you can rest comfortably knowing your horse is safe and secure. Each portable horse corral panel stands 50” high and includes three horizontal rails.

Portable horse corral panel folded

Individual folded portable horse corral panel

With a length of 6’-9” (in the folded position), these portable corral panels store neatly in your trailer for travel. Each corral panel is really two panels that are hinged together. Unfolded the panel extends to an overall length of 13’-6”. Each panel weighs 57 lbs.

Hi-Hog's Portable horse corral folding panel

Two section panel stands securely on its own

Each folding panel has three legs providing excellent stability which makes it easy for one person to set up. The panels latch to one another with a simple and secure integrated shepherds hook latch (this means there will be no pins or small parts to keep track of). The latch secures both the top and bottom of the panel for superior stability on any surface. The latch can easily be opened or locked with one hand.

Set-up could not be easier
A variety of pen configurations can be created. For example, four panels can be set up to create a stable freestanding 13’-6” x 13’-6” square pen or a 16’-2” diameter round pen. There is no need to worry about where to install a gate as each panel section can be used as a gate. Simply unlatch the panel and swing it open. The leg at the end of the panel will hold the gate in position as you gather your horse. Safe, simple and secure.

Durability, Performance and Security
Portable horse corrals come in a number of designs but none compare to Hi-Hog’s when it comes to durability, performance and security. Materials such as aluminum, light walled nominal dimension steel, and even plastics are used to produce some portable horse corrals. None of these corrals are designed with longevity, functionality and strength in mind.

Hi-Hog’s portable horse corrals are different. Durability, performance and security are at the core of Hi-Hog’s simple and thoughtful portable horse panel design. Each panel is constructed with heavy duty 1.5” OD, 60,000 psi high tensile steel tubing and is then given a protective industrial grade, hunter green, powder coat paint finish for a long life. Hi-Hog uses large, heavy duty connector loops. The large loops provide lots of room for aligning and connecting your panels; even on uneven terrain. The heavy-duty connectors will endure abuse so your corrals will remain easy to set up season after season.

Hi Hog Portable Horse Corral Pen

Each panel includes a gate section

Safe and Secure

To ensure your equine partner is safely housed each element of the design has been reviewed for potential danger. All components have been prepared to ensure your horse will not be exposed to any sharp edges. In addition, the latch brackets and hinges are aligned with the panels top rail to ensure there are no leg traps in between the panels.

  • There are no loose pins or parts because these will surely get left behind
  • There are no plastic bits or caps for your horse to snack on
  • There are no telescoping tubes waiting to fail the first time they get a slight bend

All you get is a safe portable horse corral that will perform every time for years to come.

Add more pens

Portable horse corral four way post

Add a post for multiple hook ups

If you want to combine your portable corral panels to create multiple pens just add a portable horse corral post. The post includes two integrated shepherd’s hook drop pins. Enjoy simple, quick and secure installation of any pen configuration you require. No tools needed. No loose parts to misplace. The standard hunter green post is item 742.

Stall Planning Guide

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