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Best-in-class portable horse stalls for your equestrian event. Hi-Hog’s portable event stalls are designed and constructed to provide horse shows and equestrian events with a superior temporary stall solution.

Your choice of Hi-Hog’s best-in-class portable horse stalls will demonstrate your high regard for ensuring your patron's valued equine partners are safe and well cared for. Hi-Hog’s outstanding event stall fronts and partitions are available in 10’ and 12’ lengths.

Customer Reviews

Spruce Meadows with Hi-Hog portable horse stalls

Spruce Meadows

“Spruce Meadows opened in 1975 and Hi-Hog was there to help us. Over the years Hi-Hog has supplied Spruce Meadows with a range of products including both box stalls and temporary stalls. We continue to work with Hi-Hog because their products and service have always been top notch”
Linda Southern-Heathcott, President, Spruce Meadows


Hi Hog Portable Event Horse Stalls at Thunderbird Equestrian

Thunderbird Equestrian

“Thunderbird Show Park is a premier equine venue. Our reputation has a lot to do with the quality of our facilities. We have well over 500 Hi-Hog portable event stalls at Thunderbird Show Park. Our patrons are impressed with how bright and attractive they are. We are impressed with the safety features and the solid construction. We get a lot of kickers here and we haven’t had any damaged stalls. We’ve set up lots of stalls over the years. None of them can compare with Hi-Hog’s.”
Diane and George Tidball, Thunderbird Show Park


Pima County Fair Grounds portable event stalls from Hi-Hog

Pima County Fairgrounds

“I just wanted to take time to say thank you for all your hard work. We just finished our first big horse show using nearly all of the 240 stalls that we purchased from Hi-Hog. The craftsmanship and quality of all the stalls is excellent and the overall appearance is perfect for our facility. Every aspect of this purchase went very smoothly, from the sales to manufacturing, shipping and the set-up instructions. The set-up was so easy it took only about three and a half days to set-up all 240 stalls with roofs. All of our clients that used the stalls were very pleased along with the show manager.
Carrel Haught , Maintenance Manager, Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc., Pima County Fair


We were so happy with the performance of our existing Hi-Hog portable stalls that we ordered another 80 stalls this year. Thank you all again for everything. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.”
Carrel Haught , Maintenance Manager, Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc., Pima County Fair

Outstanding design and construction

Hi-Hog’s portable event stalls are designed and constructed to provide horse shows and equestrian events with a superior temporary stall solution.

The solid welded stall frames are made with 1.5” OD, 14 gauge, 60,000 psi high-tensile steel. The durable steel frames are given a scratch resistant, hunter-green polyester powder coat finish. The smooth, bright white, HDPE copolymer interior panels provide superior residence to impact while remaining light weight and easy to clean. Hi-Hog’s portable stall fronts and partitions are light enough for handling but heavy enough to endure the abuse of their occupants.

Ease of installation
Hi-Hog’s portable horse stalls are easy to install. The fully assembled stall fronts and partitions simply pin together (no tools required). Our partition panels come with three-way connectors on one end, and a single connector on the other end. So, whether you are setting up one stall or a large bank of back-to-back stalls, you will only need one three-way stall post. The connector loops are large and strong. The large connectors allow for quick installation, even on uneven grades. The strong connectors resist bending to ensure they will still be easy to install after repeated assemblies.

Shipping and Storage
Hi-Hog’s stall fronts and partitions can be bundled very efficiently to minimize shipping costs and storage space. If your bundle of stall fronts or stall partitions are stored upright the bundles can be easily picked up and moved with a forklift or loader. To attain a tight bundle of partitions, alternate which end the three-way connector is located.

Portable Stall Options

Hi Hog Portable Event Horse Stall Front with three quarter height door

Portable Event Stall Front with 3/4 Door Height

Hi Hog Portable Event Horse Stall Front with Full height door

Portable Event Stall Front with Full Door Height

Hi Hog Portable Event Horse Stall Partition

Portable Event Stall Partition

Hi-Hog offers two stall front door options, and two stall front and stall partition lengths:

Item # Description Door Height Weight (lbs)
4401 10'L x 7'H Stall Front 3/4 181
4403 12'L x 7'H Stall Front 3/4 209
4404 10'L x 7'H Stall Front Full 192
4423 12'L x 7'H Stall Front Full 220
4410 10'L x 7'H Stall Partition - 181
4409 12'L x 7'H Stall Partition - 214
4421 Portable Stall 3-Way Post - 10

High density polyethylene copolymer sheets
We use 0.220″ thick, High Density Polyethylene Copolymer (HDPE) sheets to fill the bottom half of our stall fronts and partitions. The UV treated, HDPE sheets are designed for extreme outdoor applications where they may be required to withstand fluctuations in temperatures and environment. The HDPE sheets possess high rigidity and excellent impact strength; even in the cold. Our HDPE sheets are also easy to clean and are highly resistant to both chemicals and solvents. The white sheets will help to brighten the interior of your facilities.

Portable stall front and stall partition features:

  • To counteract the expansion properties of the HDPE sheets we use slotted holes for our HDPE sheet fasteners. The slotted holes allow the HDPE sheet to remain secure in the frame while still allowing for the HDPE sheet to expand and contract. 

Note: We recommend storing your portable stall fronts and partitions in their normal standing position. If you store your partitions or fronts in a horizontal position, the HDPE sheets may sag over time.

  • Portable stall frames are constructed with 1.5” OD, 14 gauge, 60,000 psi high-tensile steel tubing
  • Our steel frames include large connectors which allow for quick and easy installation; even on uneven grades
  • The stall fronts include two sets of tie downs for adding feed & water accessories
  • The stall front gate is mounted on offset hinges on the center post to allow the gate to be opened flat against the stall face
  • The stall gate includes a simple, secure door latch
  • The top rail of the gate is extended towards the latch to remove a potential leg trap
  • The gate frame includes corner gussets for additional frame rigidity
  • An additional interior vertical provides superior strength and rigidity to the horizontal rails on both the stall front and stall partition
  • Tubing ends on the gate have been coned to provide a safe rounded finish
  • The top of the partition is filled with 16-gauge sheet metal. The sheet metal has been formed with ridges to add strength and reduce noise
  • A gap at the top of the partitions is included to make it easy for forklifts to handle the partitions. Horses will sometimes fight with the horse in the next stall. For this reason Hi-Hog’s forklift gap is only 3″ to minimize the opportunity of a horse getting its leg caught


Portable Event Stall - 3-Way Post, Item 4421, 10 lbs

For each block of standalone portable event stalls, you will require one 3-way post. The stalls can be set-up as a single stall, a single row of stalls, or as a double row of stalls (back-to-back stalls). If you would like to attach your portable stall directly to the wall of your facility please contact our office for details on the correct wall brackets for your installation.

We maintain a small inventory of portable stall components. Call for pricing and availability.

Add a roof to your portable stall installation.

Hi-Hog portable horse stalls - Thunderbird Equestrian

Portable Event Stalls with Roof

Hi-Hog offers you the option to add a roof to your portable horse stalls. The trusses are designed to slide into the end vertical on your stall post and partitions. The minimum roof tarp size is 20’ wide x 30’ long.

  • The portable stall roof tarps come standard as white with hunter green accents
  • 12 oz. per sq. yard polyolefin industrial performance enhanced woven coated fabric
  • Heavy-duty fabric for use in flame retardant, long term, outdoor applications
  • This innovative fabric complies with codes such as: California and Boston Fire Marshall Fire Codes, NFPA 701, CAN/ULC S-109, ASTM E084-CLASSI, UBC 31-1, ULI/ULC Registered, British Standards

When installed correctly the roof tarp is secured to the stall partitions with ratchet straps. When you install your portable stalls complete with tarp roof, ensure the entire stall structure is secured to the ground. Use ground anchors on each corner of each set of stalls. For wind speeds of 120km/h use ground anchors with a minimum tension rating of 1400 lbs. Check with local authorities for anchoring requirements.

NOTE: Portable stall roofs components are made only when the order has been confirmed.

Portable Stall Roof Components

Item # Description Weight (lbs)
4450 Roof – Mid Ridge Vertical Support 11
4451 Roof – End Ridge Vertical Support 10
4452 Roof – Mid-Eave Vertical Support 9
4453 Roof – Right End Vertical Support 7
4454 Roof – Left End Vertical Support 7
4455 Roof – Ridge and Rafter Member – 10′ 16
4456 Roof – Eave Tarp Support Tube 16
4457 Roof – Eave Tarp Tie Tube 18
4458 Roof – Stall End Tarp Tie Tube 16
4459 Roof – Tarp – 26′ x 32′ 56
4460 Roof – Tarp – 26′ x 42′ 74
4461 Roof – Tarp – 26′ x 52′ 91
4462 Roof – Tarp Ratchet Strap 1
4463 Roof – Tarp – 26′ x 22′ 45

Custom Portable Event Stalls
If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call and let us know what you are looking for. We’ve designed and manufactured a wide range of custom event stalls created specifically for our individual clients.

Alternate Terms

Portable Stall, Temporary Stall, Event Stall, Show Stall, horse stall